About Friends

Friends is the collective pet of the residents of City Campus Max in Utrecht. Together the habitants of this building take care of the silly bunch of creatures. By walking over coloured floortiles, the care-takers will shoot food towards the friends. With the right timing, the food will be shot past a power-up increasing its power.

Friends came to live on october 28, 2010. We love to hear what you think of it. Send us an e-mail, or twitter with #MaxFriends.

The game was developed with the help of: One seconds, Joeri Lefevre, Henrik Rudstrom, Marc De Vreede.

Pictures & movies

Friends from FourceLabs on Vimeo.

Video from on of the habitants of the opening:

Take a look at Fourcelabs.com for more of our projects.

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Management en interactie ontwerp
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Press release

Lancering Friends (PDF) in Dutch
29 oktober 2010

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